Recruitment Team 2018

Recruitment Chairs

Kelsey Feinberg, Julia Greenspan, Sarah Lacerte


Rush Team

Emily Berk, Katie Elkin, Alexa Wachsman, Morgan Mahler, Dani Kaiser, Yulie Yakir, Shelby Glover, Elise Andres, Ali Wolf, Jenni Daum, Jillie Rubin, Emily Duberman


We can't wait to meet y'all in August! 

Recruitment Schedule 2018

Monday, August 20 Opening Convocation

Tuesday, August 21 Open House

Wednesday, August 22 Open House Day 2

Thursday, August 23  Philanthropy 

Friday, August 24 Philanthropy Day 2

Saturday, August 25 Sisterhood

Sunday, August 26 Preference Night

Monday, August 27 BID DAY!!!

Recommendation Letters

Please Send Recommendation Letters to:

Alpha Epsilon Phi

Attn: Recruitment Chairs/Sarah Lacerte

2500 Rio Grande

Austin, TX 78705


Sarah Lacerte at

Find more information about Recruitment at the University Panhellenic Council website