Pie a phi

Ice Cream for Breakfast

Give Kids the World is an organization that fulfills the wishes of all children with life threatening illnesses. It provides kids and families from around the world a memorable, cost-free visit to Disneyworld, Universal, and Seaworld, as well as the Give Kids The World Village. While staying in the village, families participate in many magical ceremonies and activities, and the kids can have and do anything they want. In the spirit of granting wishes, the kids even have the opportunity to eat ice cream anytime, including at breakfast! 

Our event Ice Cream for Breakfast honors these children, in particular our beautiful B+ Hero Lisa Marie. An initiated sister of our chapter, Lisa Marie passed away this past October from brain cancer. She never had the chance to attend GKTW, and so we have decided to host our very own Ice Cream for Breakfast for her. Proceeds from the event will go to Give Kids the World, in Lisa Marie's honor, and to the B+ foundation.

Events with our B+ Hero, Lisa Marie

AEPhi Members loved spending time with our B+ Hero, Lisa Marie. In addition to attending her physical therapy sessions, our sisters enjoyed having Lisa over for lunch, participating in our holiday festivities, and celebrating her many birthday parties at the house. We also held a B+ BBQ with the brothers of Sigma Chi and Zeta Beta Tau to help them welcome their new B+ Heroes. Although Lisa Marie lost her battle to childhood cancer in November of 2015, she was initiated into the Omega Chapter and will forever be our sister and a part of our hearts.