Texas Alpha Epsilon Phi 

When and Why was Alpha Epsilon Phi established?

Alpha Epsilon Phi Sorority was founded on October 24, 1909 by seven Jewish women at Barnard College in New York City.  Their goal was to foster lifelong friendship and sisterhood, academics, social involvement and community service while providing a home away from home for their members. AEPhi welcomes, with open arms, hundreds of new members each year and seeks not only to live up to the ideals and goals of its original founders, but also to exceed them. Today we are a Jewish sorority, but not a religious organization, with membership open to all college women, regardless of religion, who honor, respect and appreciate our Jewish founding and are comfortable in a culturally Jewish environment. 

Alpha Epsilon Phi at the University of Texas at Austin

The Omega Chapter of Alpha Epsilon Phi was founded at the University of Texas at Austin in 1925. We are established members of the University Panhellenic Council (UPC) and have a huge impact on campus. We pride ourselves on our academic excellence as our Chapter has had the highest GPA Ranking in the University Panhellenic Council for the past three years. The members of the Omega Chapter continue the vision of our founding members as seen in the high priority in our commitment to community service and philanthropy, our members' continued academic excellence, our leadership and development, our commitment to sisterhood and our aim of helping each member be the best she can be.


Facts about Alpha Epsilon Phi

Motto Multa Corda Una Causa (Many Hearts, One Purpose)

Symbol The Columns

Mascot The Giraffe

Colors Green and White

Flower Lily of the Valley

Jewel Pearls

Founded 1909 at Barnard College

UT Omega Chapter Founded 1925

Founders Helen Phillips Lipman, Ida Beck Carlin, Rise Gerstein Smolin, Augustina Hess Solomon, Lee Reiss Liebert, Rose Salmowitz Marvin, and Stella Strauss Sinsheimer

Find more information about AEPhi at the national website http://www.aephi.org/